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1 Inspiring Videos that evoke emotion and move us tend to encourage sharing. Example: Google "Online BFFs meet IRL" 2 Timely and relevant Some of the most viral videos refer to events in pop culture that people are currently participating in or talking about. Example: Google "In my feelings challenge" 3 Interactive A video that encourages people to try something out and share their perspective is sure to catch on. Example: Google "Yanny Laurel" 4 Humor Videos that make us laugh may be the most infectious of all. Example: Google "Chewbacca lady" D O Y O U E V E R wonder why some videos become viral? Why are some videos constantly on your social media feeds while others get less love? A viral video, as the name suggests, spreads quickly from one user to the next. ere's a stickiness and contagious aspect to it that encourage people to share. While there is no exact formula for a viral video, many of them share these qualities. 6 Babies or pets Babies and pets are so lovable that people will spend hours on the Web watching fun videos with them. Example: Google "Little girl regrets trying wasabi" 7 Weird or shock value Sometimes videos go viral when they provoke a surprised or disturbing feeling. Example: Google "Tide Pod challenge" Viral Videos 8 traits that can make them catch fire By @samdemuro 5 Provides useful or interesting information How-to or life hack videos often go viral because they show viewers something they can apply in their life or remember for a future situation. Example: Google "How to escape quicksand" 8 Creativity Everyone loves a good video that goes outside the box. Example: Google "Teacher has personalized handshakes with every single one of his students" 13 F E B R U A R Y / M A R C H 2 019 D I G I T A L B U Z Z I

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