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February / March 2019

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RAMI MALEK, actor: "I know how hard teachers work and how dedicated they are to their students. I support my brother and all other teachers in their fight for the schools their students deserve." KELLEYANN MORRIS, New Jersey Education Association: "We are with you today, tomorrow, and every day after that." SUSAN SARANDON, actress/activist: "I stand with the teach- ers on strike in LA. Teachers determined the strength of this Nation." CHRISTIAN CASTRO, Teamsters Local 911: "You create the future! We are with you!" STEVIE VAN ZANDT, musician/actor: "Teachers want what students need! Smaller classrooms! A nurse in every school! More counselors and librarians! Our future depends on them!" RACHEL BLOOM, actress: "California is the 5th largest econ- omy IN THE WORLD yet our public schools are floundering. I stand with the teachers striking today. Their demands are reason- able and just." MARLEE MATLIN, actress: "Teachers have so much to give to children. Their teaching brilliance shall not go wasted as we need to embrace public educa- tion all around." STUART BROWN, Edu- cational Institute of Scotland: "Solidarity from Dundee, Scotland!" RACHEL CORNEL, California Nurses Association: "Nurses stand behind California educators!" SUSANNA LANG, Chicago Teachers Union: "We in Chicago are proud of you for standing up for what your students need. Your working conditions are their learning condi- tions. Stay strong!" KATHY GRIFFIN, comedian: "My sister was a teacher and I'm always down to help anyone who wants to be an educator!" AOC ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ, U.S. representative: "Teachers are the unsung heroes of Amer- ican democracy. Today they're putting every- thing on the line so our nation's children can have a better shot." BERNIE SANDERS, U.S. senator: "I stand in solidarity with @UTLAnow teachers. Teaching is one of the most valuable and indispensable profes- sions. We need to treat educators with respect and dignity." KAMALA HARRIS, U.S. senator: "Los Ange- les teachers work day in and day out to inspire and educate the next generation of leaders. I'm standing in solidarity with them." AMY GUZI PARKINSON, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers Local 1520: "Sending solidarity and the strength of your union sisters and brothers as you stand strong for your students and for public education! Remember you have support NATIONWIDE!" MEANINGFUL MESSAGES STRIKING EDUCATORS RECEIVED AN OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT FROM COLLEAGUES, CELEBRITIES AND FRIENDS WORLDWIDE. HERE IS A SAMPLING OF THE SOLIDARITY; SEE THOUSANDS MORE AT 5 0 0 0 M E S S A G E S 23 F E B R U A R Y / M A R C H 2 019

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