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G O V . G A V I N N E W S O M showed he intends to honor his campaign promises to California's educators, parents and students with his proposed budget for 2019-20, which includes a record $80.7 billion for education. e proposal reflects Newsom's commitment to supporting children and students by increas- ing resources to the state's public education and health and human services — a combined 81 percent of California's budget is earmarked for these areas. CTA President Eric Heins says the governor's proposal shows he understands the needs and priorities in public education. "He clearly listened to parents and educa- tors by presenting his historic $80.7 billion budget for our students, which is a big step toward reducing chronic underfunding of public education," Heins says. "Educators look forward to working with Gov. Newsom and the Legis- lature throughout the budget process to ensure all students have the resources to succeed, safe environments to grow, and opportunities to thrive in their communities." "Cradle to college" Newsom is proposing a $2.8 billion increase over last year's record funding in the K-12 education budget (including a $2 billion increase to the Local Control Funding Formula, ref lecting a 3.46 percent cost-of-living adjustment), and per- pupil spending from all funds is projected to be $17,160. e budget makes good on Newsom's promise to support California kids "from cradle to college" by expanding investments to preschool, kindergarten and child care while improving access to health care Record Education Funding Proposed $80.7 billion budget lays groundwork for universal preschool By Julian Peeples Proposition 98 FUNDING 2010–11 to 2019–20 D o l l a r s i n B i l l i o n s $49.7 10 –11 $45 $50 $55 $60 $65 $70 $75 $80 $85 11–12 $47.3 12–13 $58.1 13 –14 $59.0 14 –15 $67.1 15 –16 $69.1 16 –17 $71.6 17–18 $75.5 18 –19 $77.9 19 –20 $80.7 (proposed) 39 F E B R U A R Y / M A R C H 2 019 Advocacy Gavin Newsom

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