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Below are campaign statements of candidates for CTA officers in the March 2019 State Council elections. The statements are unedited and limited to 400 words. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are those of the candidates and not necessarily those of CTA and NEA. I began teaching social studies in 1994 at Hart High, in Santa Clarita, a conservative suburb near Six Flags Magic Mountain. In the twenty-five years since, I've seen how the relent- less efforts to privatize and defund public education have made our work much more challenging. In a world where the opposition is tireless and seems to have unlimited resources, we have had to constantly fight attacks on our public schools, our rights, our unions, and thus our students. To win these battles, it takes strategic collective action. I've seen its power while serving in various leadership roles within the union, including as President of the Hart District TA, CTA ABC Committee member, Chair of both the Credentials and Professional Development and Elections Committees, and currently as the CTA Director for District I. Today, we are seeing its strength with the Wear Red for Ed Campaign, the walkouts last spring in Red States, and the powerful actions taken by chapters in California this year. I've also learned that it takes an organizational struc- ture with resources to build upon past victories and set up new ones. Leadership positions at the local, state, and national level have given me the experience, skills and knowledge to have both the big picture mentality and small detail focus necessary to maintain the financial security of our organization as the next CTA Secretary- Treasurer. We are at a pivotal moment in public education. I believe we need to continue to build a stronger, mem- ber empowered CTA and I am committed to doing that alongside David and Theresa as part of the Building Power Together Team. Collectively, we have a vision for CTA that focuses on organizing, advocacy, and member engagement. Our platform starts with a commitment to be responsive leaders, because power doesn't rest with the leadership, it rests with the membership. It builds with strong locals, working with members, leaders, and staff to empower locals, support new leaders, and engage members. It focuses on the need to fight for improved classroom conditions and build strong community alli- ances for racial and social justice. We believe that the ideas outlined in the platform are universal and we've worked hard to bring in voices from all parts of the state to build it. But we need your help, your voice, and your vote to help make it a reality. Please vote for the BUILD- ING POWER TOGETHER TEAM. Choice is the ultimate power you have! I was born and raised in the Central Valley. I have travelled throughout the state and listened to the needs of our members from all areas. Our strength goes beyond having relationships, it means having connections to each other. Inclusivity is about us constructing a bold union where members and nonmembers want to seek us out because of the values that we represent. We will have a union, without barri- ers, where everyone is welcomed to participate and be respected. CTA is a family and at the end of the day we unite to stand against what is wrong and fight for what is right. As an elementary school teacher still working full-time in the classroom, I know the struggles we face on a daily basis. I have felt the attacks upon public education during my seventeen years in the classroom. My union experience includes being the currently elected CTA/ABC member for District F, present Chairperson for the Stanislaus Service Center Council, and a former Chapter President. I have worked with individuals across the state while serving on various committees and workgroups. These include the original Long Term Strategic Planning Workgroup, the Teacher Evaluation Workgroup, as Chair of the CTA Schol- arship committee, and being a member of several other committees. These various roles have given me direct insight into the various finances and policies throughout our union. With this knowledge, I know that I am ready to serve as your next CTA Secretary- Treasurer. Representing our members and remaining solvent as a union is vital as we move forward into the future. Working with the CTA Budget Committee, I will ensure that this continues to be accomplished. Know that if elected as your next CTA Secretary-Treasurer, I will devote myself to fulfilling the trust that is placed upon me. CTA State Council members will vote at the end of March for this office. If I represent a union you want to have, then I ask for you to reach out to your CTA State Council members and alternates. Let them know your candidate choice to have action for our union! I ask you to choose Aguilar for CTA Secretary-Treasurer. Candidate for CTA Secretary-Treasurer Leslie Littman Member, Hart District Teachers Association; CTA Board of Directors member. Candidate for CTA Secretary-Treasurer Chris Aguilar Member, Sylvan Educators Association; CTA/ABC Com- mittee member; Stanislaus Service Center Council chair. 67 F E B R U A R Y / M A R C H 2 019 Aguilar Littman

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