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Jacob Lawrence, National Archives and Records Administration Art: National Association for Music Education Make Music and Art W E D O N ' T N E E D special months to make the arts a focus of learning, but as March is Music in Our Schools Month and California Arts Education Month, it's a good excuse to involve students in both. You can integrate music into your classroom in a variety of ways. Students can use audio recording software to analyze the sound waves from voice and instruments. Younger kids can create their own instruments. For that special report, allow students to parody a song, write a rap, or create a multimedia project with a soundtrack. The possibilities are endless. See for more. Art: Worker Visionary Women W O M E N H A V E L E D efforts to end war, violence and injustice, and pioneered the use of nonviolence to change soci- ety. Their tools have included public education, direct action and civil disobe- dience. This year the National Women's History Alliance celebrates "Visionary Women: Champions of Peace & Nonvi- olence" during Women's History Month in March. Find some stellar examples to share with your students at Racial and Social Justice C T A ' S F O U R ethnic caucuses come together in the Conference on Racial and Social Justice, April 5–7 at the Hilton San Jose. Devoted to enhancing mem- bers' understanding and appreciation of the issues of diversity and equity, it is open to all members. In addition to more than 20 work- shops on a variety of social and educational issues, the event offers multiple opportuni- ties for discussion — and action. Register at; the deadline is March 22. February Is Black History Month A C C O R D I N G T O the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, this year's theme is "Black Migrations," with a focus on the 20th century through today. African American migration patterns included relocation from farms to cities; from the South to the Northeast, Midwest and West; and from the Caribbean to U.S. cities. The Great Migration and subsequent movements have reshaped American social, cultural and political geography. Educators can teach about this fascinating history using lesson plans and resources at and (search "black history"). #blackhistory 8 In the Know C A L E N D A R Feb./Mar. 2019 P L A N A H E A D :

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