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78% 5 8 $87,839 CALIFORNIA VOTERS who support the governor's plan to increase higher education funding by more than $1 billion, according to the Public Policy Institute of California. OUT OF 10 EDUCATORS nationwide will soon be women, according to a recent study by Richard Ingersoll, professor of education and sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, which shows 76 percent of educators are female. THE JOY OF SOLIDARIT Y was on display during Oakland Education Association's historic strike in February, when 1,145 supporters worldwide donated to the GoFundMe page to help striking educators. PARCEL TAX measures (of 26) that failed over the past two years, yet would have passed with a 55 percent threshhold (instead of the current 66 percent) — a recent proposal by two state senators for voters to decide on the 2020 ballot. "Taxpayers, parents and ultimately kids deserve to know how schools are using their tax dollars. This isn't the end of a conversation, but a beginning. Let's use this momentum to move forward together, constructively and in partnership, to improve education for children across California." —Gov. GAVIN NEWSOM, upon signing into law SB 126, which will hold charter schools to the same transparency and accountability standards as other public schools. This initiative is about ensuring everyone pays their fair share and ending a decades-old loophole that has kept our students, schools and communities chronically underfunded." — CTA President ERIC HEINS, about the 2020 ballot-qualified California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act, which could generate $11 billion for schools and community services. FOR FULL -DAY, FULL -YEAR PRESCHOOL for all eligible low- income 4-year-old Californians by 2021-22, part of a landmark $1.8 billion Early Childhood Ed proposal by Gov. Gavin Newsom. 200,000 slots "You teachers have got to be the most important people in the world." —DOLORES HUERTA, labor heroine, before leading thousands of educators and supporters on a mile-long march in Oakland to fight for the public schools students deserve. "We saw how much this community values and supports its educators. This means the world to us and strengthens our resolve to make San Ramon Valley an even better school district as we move forward." —ANN K ATZBURG, San Ramon Valley Education Association president, on their new contract agreement that improves learning conditions for students. Compiled by Julian Peeples 13 A P R I L / M AY 2 019 I Quotes & Numbers

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