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June/July 2019

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" I am so touched by her kindness. It was just really humbling and amazing." — Shirley Chan, El Monte Elementary Teachers Association "I thought, 'I'm athletic, and all of my health issues have been self-inf licted sports injuries,' " Fabbro said. Over several months, Fabbro endured multiple medical exams and tests to see if she was a match for Chan. In the event that they were not compatible, Fabbro volunteered her kidney in exchange for one that was compatible with Chan's anatomy. Fortunately, Fabbro turned out to be a perfect match, and the pair started to work closely with their medical teams to plan the final steps of the transplant. The operation took place April 23 at Scripps Green Hospital in San Diego. Fabbro and Chan spent three days in the hospital, then were released. Fabbro returned home, but Chan stayed close to the hospital for the next few weeks for checkups and tests. C h a n i s o v e r w h e l m e d a n d o v e r - joyed at th e gen erosity of h er friend , and happy to regain her independence again. "I am so touched by her kindness," she says. " To offer herself, and not just herself, but her time. It was just really humbling and amazing." Fabbro, meanwhile, is counting down the days until she can return to her active lifestyle. Both women are thriving. I can speak for everyone at Rio Vista Elementary when I say that Alex Fabbro is our hero! This type of sacrifice and genuine love and compassion for another person speaks volumes of her character, and is yet another example of educators' giving spirit. She deserves our deepest thanks and respect for her most precious gift, the gift of life! Dawn Marsh is an education specialist at Rio Vista Elementary School and member of El Monte Elementary Teach- ers Association. Shirley Chan rings a special victory bell in the hospital when she checks out after her surgery. Alex Fabbro relaxes after the operation with a plush kidney. 56 CTA & You

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