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other technical adjustments. None of the adjustments change the intent of the initiative. The revised SCF has already gathered more than 400 endorsements. SCF will restore more than $11 billion every year for public schools and local communities by assessing com- mercial and industrial property at fair-market value. It will not raise taxes on homeowners or renters. Agricultural land will continue to be assessed the way it is now. e initiative also helps small businesses by eliminating the burdensome personal property tax. Knowing that our public funds need to be used responsibly, SCF has transparency and account- ability safeguards to ensure the resources get to the public schools and communities that need them. "Investing in public education, dollar for dollar, grows the economy more than tax cuts and corporate subsidies," says Boyd. "e Schools and Communities First initiative is the next step in bringing much-needed funding to our schools, colleges and communities." e passage of Prop. 13 marked a watershed moment for California and the country, launching a fierce anti-tax and anti-government movement. is disinvestment has caused a perpetual funding crisis for schools and local communi- ties, starved much-needed resources for education, housing and transportation, and led to regressive tax policies, mak- ing a disproportionate impact on communities of color and low-income families, and fueling racial and economic inequality in California. "e Prop. 13 impacts have been multigenerational," says Boyd. "We now have the opportunity, coalition and move- ment to make significant changes for the next generation. It is up to us — and together, we can make it happen." F O R M O R E I N F O R M A T I O N on the Schools and Communities First initiative and other resources like social media graphics and a sample school board resolution, visit and Signature-gathering is expected to start across the state in late October. SCF supporters outside of Gaston Middle School in Fresno. 36 Advocacy From CTA's video "Strong Schools 2019," which explains how California schools have been funded over the years, including the current property tax burden on homeowners (left) vs. businesses (right).

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