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In the Know 7 hours, 57 minutes Total length of the virtual CTA State Council meeting held June 6. "We cannot open the schools until we know they are safe for our students and our members. There is NO compromising that." —CTA President E. TOBY BOYD, during his address to CTA State Council in June. "We know that bias exists in every sector of our society." —Superintendent of Public Instruction TONY THURMOND, announcing a campaign to fight racial bias. Compiled by Julian Peeples Quotes & Numbers " The best support we can get right now is education from our peers who have gone through this process. No need for us to reinvent the wheel, just make it fit our school, our philosophy and our community needs." — SAL WILLIAMS, member of CTA's newest local, South Bay Educators United, on the help they need as they prepare to bargain their first contract (see page 39). " We name it. We mourn. We rise in solidarity. We stand and demand justice. We organize to dismantle all acts of discrimination and racism in all places and in all forms." —NEA Vice President BECKY PRINGLE " This is no time for us to look away. … The threat and real violence toward black people daring to exist in public spaces and even in their own homes is the direct result of how white supremacy culture is the air we breathe in America." —NEA President LILY ESKELSEN GARCÍA Distance from other people at all times in schools, recommended by California Department of Education in guidance issued June 8. 6 feet 129,000 COVID-19 cases in California, as of June 8, 2020. $14 billion Amount of federal COVID-19 aid earmarked for California in the HEROES Act. $4.4 billion Amount of aid proposed by Gov. Gavin Newsom to address the "learning loss" that low- income students have experienced disproportionately during school closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Number of traditional California community colleges that suspended in-person classes and transitioned as many as possible online. 114 8 minutes, 46 seconds Amount of time George Floyd was prevented from breathing during his murder by police. Join CTA in standing against police brutality, white supremacy and systemic racism; visit 16

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