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June/July 2020

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E K N O W : You're bone-tired. You're totally exhausted and emotionally drained after the whiplash events of the past few months. And it shows. "This teaching during crisis is not a vaca- tion. It is not a welcome break. It is brutal. It is stressful. It is not what's best for kids," posted Miska Pearson in the "CTA Teaching, Learning and Life During COVID-19" Face- book group in mid-May. "Does anybody else feel exhausted after an hour of live teaching?" posted Kevin England. On social media, in news stories, in essays, in person, educators up and down the state and across the country are sharing the real fatigue and anxiety that stem from coping with work and life during a pandemic. How can you get reenergized and rejuvenated during these uncertain times? Daily efforts to meditate, do yoga, eat right and exercise help. But the summer break offers opportunities to dive deeper into restorative practices that can reboot mind and body and let you regain your sense of well-being and calm. They can also help you tap into your joy and passion for teaching. On these pages are a few ideas you can try before the new school year. Pro-you and prosocial Amy L. Eva, associate education director for Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) at UC Berkeley, assists educators and oth- ers w ho are feeling over w h elm ed and helpless, whether due to external factors, such as workload, or internal commotion. She agrees that the stan- dard stress relievers are good places to start, but adds that a long-term commitment is essential. "These things take daily ongoing practice, just like exercise," Eva says. She and GGSC point to several ways to address anxiety and stress in depth. Jose Mizrahi / Unsplash Amy L. Eva Renewal ! Aer a difficult spring, use the summer break to get reenergized, rejuvenated and ready for the new year W "It's crucial to keep coming back to what matters most to you. Seek opportunities to enact your values in small ways each day." —Amy L. Eva, Greater Good Science Center 54 CTA & You

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