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June/July 2020

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G O T S O M E T H I N G F O R these pages? Send details to with "Lit From Within" in the subject line. We lean toward new(ish) work that can be used in the classroom. Speaking of California history, best teachers Social studies and technology teacher Jordan Mattox, member of the Chowchilla Elementary Teachers Association, hosts several podcasts, including California's Best Teachers and History of California, both on Apple Podcasts. Mattox describes the inter- views on the former as his "journey to learn from the best teachers our Golden State has to offer." The history podcasts start with how the first people arrived here, and are cur- rently looking at California's missions. Everyday science, girls' brains and talent Why is our sky BLUE? Adrienne Small's book for K-4 students, If You Ask a Scien- tist a Question (2019), uses observation, curiosity, the search for knowledge and the use of science vocabulary to discuss everyday phenomena. The playful pic- ture book expresses a sense of wonder about the natural world, encourages a curious attitude, and appeals to scien- tists of all ages. Small, a CTA/NEA-Retired member, has a second book for K-4 students just out. The Princess and the Ph.D. (2020) was inspired when a contestant's chem- istry experiment in the talent category helped her win the 2019 Miss America crown. Sure to encourage, engage and support girls interested in science. Continued from page 60 59 J U N E / J U L Y 2 0 2 0 C From Within Final Trim Size: 8.25" x 5.25" Colors 4/0 CMYK Y C K M

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