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October/November 2020

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internet and technology." Jones said the pandemic's economic impacts have already caused school districts statewide to scramble, unable to provide the necessary p ersonal prot ective equipment and implement proper safety measures to ensure the health of educators and communities. "Safe school reopening and equity for our students requires additional funding," Jones says. "We're calling on lawmakers to increase revenues by suspending corporate tax credits and exemptions, capturing unrealized capital gains, and imposing a tax on individuals who hold the highest levels of wealth." e need for immediate action is crucial, with concur- rent crises exacerbating impacts to families statewide, including 15 percent unemployment, widespread hous- ing uncertainty, lack of adequate and safe child care, and the ongoing public health crisis. Struggling Californians will need the support of public services already stretched thin from chronic underfunding, which face billions in additional cuts without additional resources. "I went into teaching because I care about our chil- dren having a firm foundation to succeed in life," says Efrain Tovar, middle school teacher and member of Selma Unified Teachers Association. "What we are facing now in education is a catastrophe, preventable through bold leadership." While the Legislature closed for business without taking action on the bills, Boyd says, the dire need still remains for our communities. "The time is now to put people before politics and boldly adopt increased taxes on California's wealthiest billionaires whose portfolios increased exponentially while our communities struggle to keep the lights on and put food on their families' tables." Coalition Calls for Economic Justice C O M M I T T O E Q U I T Y is a statewide coalition of frontline workers, teachers, seniors, environmentalists, and advocates for social and racial justice. As Californians are struggling under the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, recession, racism and inequality, the coalition is demanding that legislators commit to investing in communities rather than continuing to give billionaires and corporations a free pass. These combined, diverse voices are trying to prevent state leaders from making tough times even worse by cutting the programs communities depend on — education, health care and child care — to solve another budget crisis. Commit to Equity Founding Organizations AFSCME California Alliance for Boys and Men of Color Buen Vecino Build Affordable Faster California California Environmental Justice Alliance California Federation of Teachers California League of Conservation Voters California Pan-Ethnic Health Network California Teachers Association California Immigrant Policy Center Children's Defense Fund California End Child Poverty in California End the Epidemics Coalition Health Access California Patriotic Millionaires PICO California PolicyLink Prevention Institute SEIU California Sierra Club California TODCO UDW/AFSCME Local 3930 Voices for Progress 38 Advocacy

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