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December/January 2021

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KAYLIE PETERS Three days in a row a student put her Chromebook in a little red wagon and took it/me on a tour of her whole house, with the microphone ON, so you would hear the rumbling of the wagon as it was dragged across the house. EMILY SMITH LINTS I had a student write nonsense in the chat. When I asked if everything was OK , he told me his cat walked across his keyboard. BETHANY NICKLESS MEYER A little girl picks up a whole liter of Coke and starts drinking it. "Are you going to drink all of that?" "glug glug glug glug glug" *entire first grade class stares in shock* JEN GRIFFIN WILSON I can't even count the times I ask students to not lick the camera! MARJI PETERSON AVESON One of my students wrote "BRB I have to get my waffles" in the chat and then was mad I started the quiz without him. MARISA PIERUCCI My student asked her Alexa how to spell "because" and my Alexa answered her! JEANNINE MACLEOD Word got out that it was my birthday. My students changed their Zoom screens to pictures of cakes, balloons, and candles. All had birthday messages for me. I was quite touched. HEATHER SWITHENBANK MUIR One of my 2nd graders decided to join us in Zoom while strolling through Costco. MARIA SOLIS While [I was] talking to a student via Zoom, his little brother puts his nostrils right up to the camera trying to see what [was] on the screen. It took me a second to figure out what was going on because it was dark and scary-looking in there! ELISA FRIAS On the first day of 9th grade English, one of my students asked a girl out in the class's Zoom chat box... while I was teaching. Bold move, young man, bold move. JULIE STEPHENS One of my 9th graders has designated himself as the "emoji guy," and narrates our class with emojis in the chat. It's pretty awesome! JENNY BIGLOW Weird: I still pop a Tic Tac after lunch. Because teaching from an empty room means having fresh breath! VANESSA OLSON MEDIANO A 7th grader who is usually camera on and actively participates was camera off. I called on him... nothing... called on him again (with worry in my voice)... [then] his video is on and his 6-year-old brother is visible. He says, "My brother went with grandpa to pick up pizza for lunch. I'm writing stuff for him while he's gone." KAREN YUNGMAN I teach elementary. It was crazy hat day. A few of my kids said they didn't have anything, so I said, be creative and have fun! One of my students wore his mother 's bra! Distance learning bloopers, laughs and joy By @samdemuro D I G I T A L B U Z Z D E S P I T E T H E C H A L L E N G E S and stress, distance learning has brought us quite a few laughs! We asked educators to share their funniest, most heartwarming, and strangest moments of remote instruction on our Facebook page. A few choice answers: Have a funny story to share about your distance learning experience? Email or tweet us @WeAreCTA. Kids Zoom the Darndest Things MARY ERICA ANGELES ACEBU Student (family owns a farm) brought his rooster to Zoom class! I told him it's our new class pet! D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0 / J A N U A R Y 2 0 21 13 I

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