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February/March 2021

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Photo: Northfolk / Unsplash E T T I N G G O A L S F O R our professional growth is part of the job, but how do we set goals when we are teaching during a pandemic and in full-on survival mode? Will our admin be disappointed when they read "Make it through the year without quitting"? Because if we are honest, the idea of getting better at teaching (or anything) feels impossible. So instead of setting goals the way we always have, let's try a dif- ferent approach. Here's how to set goals when you are in survival mode. S Instead of "I will improve," try "I will feel" I know — what?!? For so many of us, our achievements define our success. Our productivity defines our worth. When we think about our teaching, we look out instead of in. Here's the thing about this profession: There is so much to learn and be and figure out and do that you could spend your entire lifetime "improving" your teaching and still feel like you have more to improve on. So let's flip the switch. Let's set goals for how we want to be as teachers instead of what we want to achieve. Your goal might look like: I feel confident that no matter how uncertain this year is, I am making time to rest and care for myself so I can show up fully for my students (whether in person or online or both)." How Do I Set Goals When I Am in Survival Mode? You are more than what you accomplish By Julie Mason 53 F E B R U A R Y / M A R C H 2 0 21 CTA & You

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