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> T H A N K Y O U C A R O LY N D O G G E T T A fond farewell to The name Carolyn Doggett may be unfamiliar. For three decades she worked behind the scenes supporting CTA's leaders and overseeing staff. As CTA's first woman executive director, she championed the rights of CTA members to earn a livable wage, have safe teaching and learning conditions, and be treated as professionals. "Eleanor Roosevelt once said, 'Wellbehaved women rarely make history.' You don't have to venture too far back into her accomplishments to know that Carolyn Doggett was not well behaved, and we are all the better because of it. She helped make CTA a stronger, more effective organization because of her tenacious, teacher-centered leadership," says CTA President Dean Vogel. "We'll stay out of politics when politicians stay out of our classrooms," Doggett often says. As she reflects on her time at the helm, she is proudest of three accomplishments: the historic CTA campaign in 2005 to defeat several harmful initiatives that would have During Carolyn Doggett's first school board meeting as Anchorage Teachers Association president, the school board president told her to sit down, shut up and know her place. "My knees were knocking," she relates. "But I refused. I knew if I sat down, it was all over. So I kept standing." Top left: Carolyn Doggett (flanked by former CTA President Barbara E. Kerr and David Hernandez) marches against Gov. Schwarzenegger's ballot initiatives during the 2005 NEA Convention in Los Angeles. Lower left: At the June State Council meeting, the CTA officers present Doggett with an Assembly resolution by Speaker John PĂ©rez commending her for her service. 20 California Educator June/July 2013 Educator 06 June 2013 v2.2.indd 20 6/15/13 9:24 AM

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