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> GAME ON What's a Wuzzle? Word + Puzzle = Wuzzle A brain teaser, a wuzzle is a phrase made up of a display of words. Figure out the well-known saying, person, place or thing that each wuzzle is meant to represent. These wuzzles are compliments of This feature was suggested by members like you. Enjoy! Begin! 2 3 BURNS LA DD ER BURNS 1 4 THOdeepUGHT WI FE 5 6 partypartypartyparty 1. Step Ladder 2. Sideburns 3. Deep in Thought 4. Midwife Rosie 5. Ring Around the Rosie 6. Party Line Answers: 38 California Educator June/July 2013 Educator 06 June 2013 v2.0.indd 38 6/14/13 9:30 PM

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