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August/September 2021

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I will remember that I am not only teaching a child in the here and now, but also a future adult whose economic livelihood depends on far more than a 5 percent rise in test scores at our school site. I w i l l not ac c e pt th e elimination of programs that lay a foundation for the passions that make school relevant to my students in th e first place. W h en pressed for schedules, I will remind my colleagues, staff and administration that technology, the arts, humanities, con- servation science, physical exercise, and STEAM enrichment opportunities are just as important to a child's future and our collective future as a society (and even more so for marginalized students of color) as math and reading are. I will remember that equity lies in access too, not just achievement. I will teach in order to prevent ignorance, racism, sexism and indifference. I will never fail to allow these important truths and relevant histories to flourish in my classroom despite the whitewashed materials made available to me. I vow to never let an objective in a curriculum guide overshadow powerful, pertinent and affirming life lessons that develop tol- erance, compassion and self- affirmation. May I always remember what I saw during the pandemic, and never fail to act on my conscience, on my heart and in my head for my students' future selves. In 2020, a window opened into each child's life, and we saw again clearly that our students' achievement was no longer defined by standardized testing alone. anks to Orion, I have seen through this window where my priorities lie. Com- ing out of this pandemic, I will carry them forward with me with my new teaching Hippocratic oath. omas Courtney is an EdSource advisory committee member and a senior policy fellow with Teach Plus California. e San Diego Education Association member is a teacher and guide teacher at Chollas- Mead Elementary School and was named SDUSD's 2020-21 Elementary School Dis- trict Teacher of the Year. "I vow to never let an objective in a curriculum guide overshadow powerful life lessons that develop tolerance, compassion and self-affirmation." 16 Spotlight Y O U R V O I C E Kristen Walker M.A. in Educational Leadership (805) 493-3325 Financial Aid and Scholarships Available • Preliminary Administrative Services Credential • M.A. in Educational Leadership • M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership • Doctorate in Educational Leadership (K-12 or Higher Ed) DON'T JUST ADVANCE YOUR CAREER AS AN EDUCATOR. ADVANCE EDUCATION.

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