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October/November 2021

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Compiled by Julian Peeples Quotes & Numbers "A suspension is quick and dirty. It doesn't deal with whether the student is having problems at home or mental health issues. Kids are complex, and we should grant them the same grace as we grant adults." —CHARLES SCHALLHORN, social studies and psychology teacher at Mountain House High School and member of Lammersville Teachers Association. "A college is not a bunch of buildings. A college is students working with faculty to learn things. I can't think of a better place (for the federal relief money) than in the pockets of the underpaid people who were actually allowing colleges to continue during the pandemic." —CCA President ERIC KALJUMÄGI on the push to pay community college adjunct faculty for uncompensated work they did to transition from in-person to virtual instruction. "Educators remain committed to working together to ensure our local schools are the safest places in the community." —NEA President BECKY PRINGLE, emphasizing that safe in-person instruction relies on a layered approach, starting with vaccines for all who are eligible, regular testing, and masks. "The surest path to safe and full in-person instruction throughout the school year is a strong emphasis on these reliable prevention measures: vaccines, masks, testing, tracing and ventilation." —LINDA DARLING-HAMMOND, State Board of Education president, in an EdSource column about how California is leading the way nationally on safe school reopening. " Community schools serve as hubs for vital resources and connect students and families to services that can help them thrive. Importantly, community schools expand learning and enrichment opportunities for both students and parents alike, and promote family and community engagement in education, which ultimately can bolster students' success." —MIGUEL CARDONA, U.S. secretary of education. Percentage of California children ages 12-17 who have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, as of Oct. 11. More than 56 percent are fully vaccinated. 64% Fake applications filed at California community colleges by scammers using online bots in attempts to score student aid and federal pandemic relief money. 65,000 Estimated number of community schools nationwide, according to the National Center for Community Schools. > 5,000 Days the start of the new school year was postponed by Lake Tahoe Unified School District after the massive Caldor Fire forced mandatory evacuations in South Lake Tahoe. 17 Percentage of California students who said in March that someone close to them had died from COVID-19, according to ACLU of Southern California. 30% 13 O C T O B E R / N O V E M B E R 2 0 21 I

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