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October/November 2021

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A T L E A S T T W O California school di stricts chose to honor all their educators as Teachers of the Year recently, due to the extraordinary work done during the last year and a half by — well, everyone. O n A u g . 1 6 , t h e P o m o n a U n i f i e d S c h o o l D i s t r i c t B o a rd o f E d u c a t i o n passed a proclamation recognizing their 1,600 certificated educators as 2021-22 Teachers of the Year, including teach- ers, nurses, psychologists, counselors, speech-language pathologists and librar- ians. Superintendent Richard Martinez thanked Associated Pomona Teachers (APT) President Manuela Echeverria for "representing certificated members and for keeping kids first." "It was an APT idea, and then a collaborative effort with the district," says Echeverria, adding that APT works with the district every year to select the Teacher of the Year. "We had to keep on top of this to make sure the district came through with the proclamation." The Ir vine Teachers Association (I TA) also par - ticipates in selecting Irvine Unified School District's Teacher of the Year. Last spring, ITA's then-President Tori Sorey, along with an assistant superintendent, came up with the notion to honor all 1,700 TK-12 edu- cators at a virtual school board meeting. e effort influenced APT to do the same later in the year. "ITA and the district decided not to vote for the usual Site Teachers of Excel- lence and District Teachers of the Year, instead working with the PTA to honor every educator in light of the exceptional creativity, hard work and dedication that our members demonstrated , whether returning to teach in person or working in a virtual program," says Sorey. Sorey worked with PTA presidents on a plan for all teachers to receive notes from students or parents to express their appreciation. Congratulations all around! Honoring All of You! Districts recognize all their educators as Teachers of the Year The proclamation by Pomona Unified praised educators for keeping students' needs and well-being at the forefront last year during the pandemic. 51 O C T O B E R / N O V E M B E R 2 0 21 C Manuela Echeverria

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