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June/July 2022

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Compiled by Julian Peeples Quotes & Numbers "We must organize at every level to adequately fund our public schools. If we value every student, we must value every educator as foundational to great public schools." —Noel Candelaria, NEA Secretary-Treasurer, referencing an NEA Today story that notes 37 percent of ESPs work two or more jobs 41 Number of California school districts funded in the first round of Teacher Residency Capacity Grants, with most receiving $250,000. (Last July, Gov. Gavin Newsom approved $350 million in grant funding over the next five years to expand/create teacher residency programs statewide. See our story on page 20.)²² 55% Percentage of educators who told a recent NEA member survey they were thinking of leaving the profession earlier than previously planned. $649 million Funding to establish and expand community schools awarded by the state to 268 school districts and county o•ices of education. See story on page 26 to see what locals are doing to build these schools. $66,397 Estimated average teacher salary nationwide for the 2021-2022 school year, according to NEA, $2,179 less per year than a decade ago, when adjusted for inflation. NEAToday " We need to change this idea that teachers should take on everything while being mistreated or disrespected just because we love being in the classroom or because it's what's best for our kids. Is it best for our kids to lose great teachers? Because that's where we are headed." — Erin Castillo, Fremont Unified District Teachers Association member, in an NEA Today story on teacher burnout " For Teacher Appreciation, what I want and need is the basic dignity of a living wage, [and] a mental wellness day. Teachers have had the hardest year of their lives. A day to take care of myself would make me feel respected." —Susan Keen, Oakland Education Association " Our public schools must help to educate the new generation to look critically at the ongoing present-day effects of genocide denial." — Taline Arsenian, Glendale Teachers Association, whose grandparents fled the Armenian Genocide $100 million Funding proposed by Gov. Newsom and endorsed by the Legislative Analyst's O•ice to improve cybersecurity at California's Community Colleges. 12 In the Know

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