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April/May 2023

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"Calm [is] a great strategy to help calm down and readjust due to increased emotional stress and trauma post-Covid for our whole school community and students." Bring Calm To Your Classroom New CTA member benefit can help students, too M E M B E R S C A N N O W access a free subscription to Calm, an award-winning, top-ranked app for guided meditation, relaxation and sleep. (You can also add up to five dependents to your account so they can take advantage of all Calm offers.) Educators can use Calm with students as well as themselves. Download Calm's 30 Days of Mindfulness in the Classroom at Then, discover what's possible if every school day began with a few moments of mindfulness. From breathing exercises to meditations to relaxation activities — including "Sky Gazing" and "Ocean Breathing" — each day is a new mindful exploration complete with a lesson plan. Here's what CTA members are saying about Calm: " This honestly has been life changing for me personally and for me professionally. I have used Calm to help me unwind and calm down after very high stress days at work. I use the Calm app every day in my class for mindfulness meditation time with my students after their longer recesses when they are very dysregulated and emotional. I honestly wish our school families would have access to Calm since it's a great strategy to help calm down and readjust due to an increase in emotional stress and trauma post-Covid for our whole school community/students. Thank you so much for offering this to us and to teachers!" "I'm using it in class for me, my aides, and my special needs stu- dents! It's so helpful. Love this benefit, all teachers need it IMO." "I use it every morning in my classroom to meditate before my students arrive. It keeps me calm all day and I can teach better because of it." "Sleep is so important for both physical and mental health. Calm app helps me decompress from the stresses of the teaching day and fall asleep quickly." "Since I started using the Calm (premium) app I have been able to really feel the difference in my stress levels! I can say that it has helped pull me back from the burnout ledge a bit. I think I will be able to not only make it to the end of the year but actually enjoy this job again!" A C T I V A T E Y O U R S U B S C R I P T I O N As a CTA Member (active or retired), activate your free Calm subscription by: • Logging into to access the unique CTA Calm link; • Follow the instructions on the CTA Member Benefits page; • Your 10-digit CTA member ID is required. You can also find your member ID on the mailing label of this magazine; • Download the Calm app and register your new account; • Once you've signed up, you can add up to five dependents (age 16 years or older) via the "Manage Subscription" page inside your Calm account. For questions, please reach out to CTA Member Benefits at 650-552-5200 or email 54 CTA & You

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