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August/September 2023

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E V E R Y N E W S C H O O L Y E A R is a blank slate, waiting for students to make their unique marks on the whiteboard. It's also an opportunity for educators to adjust their approaches and polish their skills, as lifelong learners and students of the craft. We asked CTA educators for their thoughts, tips and hacks on must-have classroom items, student engagement and self-care. Here are some of their wise words: " Dry erase boards and markers to work out math problems, pre -write or take a brain break." — KENYA UMPHENOUR, fourth grade teacher, Anaheim Elementary Education Association " As a second-year teacher (long term sub for 10 years before that) I cannot do without pencils, colored pencils and Expo markers. We use the colored pencils for rainbow writing." — ANNE MCCLELLIAN, third grade teacher, Fontana Teachers Association What classroom supplies can you not do without and what makes them so great? Life hacks F O R T H E N E W S C H O O L Y E A R By Julian Peeples 16 Feature

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