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What are your best techniques to keep students engaged and on task in classrooms? " My students earn 'Basin $Bucks' for doing their schoolwork, homework and for getting along. They have a 'Shop 'til You Drop' opportunity three times a year. We also have 'Fun Friday' for students who complete all of their schoolwork during the week. It's a great motivator!" — TERESA BASIN, elementary school teacher, Murrieta Educators Association " Engage students with realia and their senses. Regardless of their ages, students are able to associate with their experiences. And if you go on tangents, go for it. Deviation from the norm will get their attention and may become an enrichment lesson." — CARLOS RIVERA, TK-second grade special education day class teacher, South Whittier Teachers Association " First priority is set classroom protocols ASAP. Second priority is to establish relationships with the kids. Nothing else is as effective with behavior issues. Third is to always insert some fun and silliness! My students not only learn quickly if it's funny, they also remember it! Finally, read 'Teaching with Love and Logic.' It's a total game changer!" — RUTH ELLER, elementary school teacher, Cupertino Education Association " Engagement pieces that I cannot do without: "Education Through Music" (Richards Institute) and "Whole Brain Teaching." Both are game changers backed by solid brain research." — STACEY WELCH, third grade teacher, Pleasant Ridge Teachers Association Thomas Henry keeps students engaged. "I allow my students to get up from their desks about every 20 minutes to share their work with each other." —THOMAS HENRY, third-grade teacher, Stockton Teachers Association 19 A U G U S T / S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 3

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