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August/September 2023

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There's Strength in Our Numbers Did you know you're the engine that (em)powers CTA? But not just you. We're all in it together. Just by being a member, you're helping educators all across California negotiate smaller class sizes and safer working and learning conditions. Your membership is helping an education support professional in another district bargain a living wage and a veteran teacher retire with dignity. And your membership adds to our power to secure and share cost savings through the CTA and NEA Member Benefits programs. And collectively, as one voice, we've made a lot of important changes through the years — at the local school board, at the California State Capitol, and in the halls of our nation's Capitol. DID YOU KNOW? California is home to the fifth-largest economy in the world, with more than 10,500 public schools and 9 million students. ORGANIZING FOR POWER The California Teachers Association is a democracy. As a CTA member, you get to vote for someone to represent you on the CTA State Council of Education, CTA's top governing body. You also vote for your own local chapter officers and delegates to NEA's Representative Assembly, which is the largest union governing body in the country. The 743 State Council representatives, in turn, elect the three state- level CTA officers and the CTA Board of Directors. Together, the state officers, the Board of Directors and State Council set CTA's priorities, policies and goals. At the national level, the NEA Representative Assembly delegates, the officers and the NEA Board of Directors do the same. 2 M E M B E R S H I P M A N U A L David Goldberg PRESIDENT Bilingual Teacher United Teachers Los Angeles Leslie Littman VICE PRESIDENT History Teacher Hart District Teachers Association Erika Jones SECRETARY-TREASURER Elementary Teacher United Teachers Los Angeles Joe Boyd EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Former Educator Longtime Organizer

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