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Know & Tell Take note C O M P I L E D B Y M I K E M Y S L I N S K I W E C O M B T H E M E D I A D A I LY for the best quotes and statistics about public education. If you discover a quote or stat you think we should highlight, send it along with your name to The average bonus paid in 2013 to Wall Street securities employees, according to the New York State comptroller's office. Profits in the New York securities industry totaled $16.7 billion. 164,530 D O L L A R S Average annual salary of California K-12 public school teachers in 2012-13, fifth-highest in the nation, according to latest NEA data. 69,324 D O L L A R S Number of children's books about Latinos among 3,200 published in the U.S. in 2013. And 93 were about black people, according to a study by the Cooperative Children's Book Center at the University of Wisconsin. 57 B O O KS "FOR THE MOST PART, DISTRICTS SEE THIS AS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY. IF SOMETHING IS GOING TO FAIL, THIS IS THE YEAR FOR THAT TO OCCUR. MISTAKES ARE GOING TO HAPPEN AND WE WANT TO MAKE THEM WHEN THE STAKES ARE LOW." —C I N D Y K A Z A N I S , educational data management director at the California Department of Education, quoted in EdSource about the rollout of computer-based Common Core trial tests for students. "FEDERAL EDUCATION OFFICIALS SHOULD WORRY LESS ABOUT RUSHING THE NEW STANDARDS INTO SCHOOLS AND JUDGING TEACHERS AND SCHOOLS BY EARLY RESULTS, AND MORE ABOUT GIVING SCHOOLS THE TIME TO BUILD ROBUST NEW TEACHING METHODS WITH ALL THE RIGHT SUPPORTS IN PLACE." —March 14 editorial by the Los Angeles Times supporting California's different approach to the Common Core standards and affirming that schools need adequate time and resources. This was the second of two editorials in the Times on consecutive days. "We have a Department of Education, the Legislature, the State Board of Education, Torlakson. We have all these people, but at the end of the day, when you shut the door, it's only the teacher. That is where we make the difference — the teachers of California. I want everyone in Washington and Sacramento to remember we are here to help the teacher, not add new burdens or some obstacle course that makes his or her job all that more difficult." —Governor J E R R Y B R O W N , in a speech to the California Democratic Party convention in early March in Los Angeles. "For-profit charter schools that operate in the dark without basic public transparency and without strong public control too often put their bottom line ahead of the public interest and high-quality public education." —D O N A L D C O H E N , executive director of the watchdog group In the Public Interest, which teamed up with the American Federation of Teachers to launch a website tracking for- profit charter school companies: Quotes & Numbers Number of California elementary students who were truant at least once in the 2011-12 school year. State Attorney General Kamala Harris released the data March 10 as part of her plan to resolve the "crisis" of truancy with new legislation. 690,000 ST U D E N T S The Numbers 14 A P R I L 2 0 1 4 Educator 04 Apr 2014 v2.3 int.indd 14 4/15/14 12:04 AM

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