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August 2014

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D O Y O U K N O W if it's legal for teachers to copy pages out of books for their students? Many educators and school librarians don't know the answer, according to a recent survey conducted by the American Library Associ- ation ( The survey showed that a majority of educators have a fear of copyright litigation, which leads them to make overly cautious decisions about the learning materials they bring into their classrooms. Following is an interview on common copyright misperceptions with Carrie Russell, director of the American Library Association's Program on Public Access to Information and author of the book Complete Copyright for Can I copy this for my students? Clearing up some copyright misconceptions K-12 Librarians and Educators, an illustrated guide that teaches educators and school librarians how to exercise their rights in schools. What is the purpose of the copyright law? Many believe that the purpose of the copyright law is to fi nancially reward authors and other creators. In truth, Know & Tell Resource 16

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