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What's new at CTA Online Most popular post More top tweets Viral video Favorite comments Lysa Sassman | J U L Y 1 5 Stop the madness of high-stakes testing! Dump Duncan and Ed Reform that only benefits corporate profits. Follow the money to see who is behind the insanity! Linda Ortega | J U L Y 3 AB 1444 is such an important bill. As a second-grade teacher, it's painful to see the frustration in my first-grade colleagues when they have to retain students who aren't making progress because parents didn't send their children to kindergarten or preschool. With the passage of this bill everyone wins! @Roberto63 | J U L Y 4 #NEARA14 just passed a new business item calling for the resignation of Sec. Duncan. Very proud of @CATeachersAssoc Prez Dean Vogel. @dwablog | J U L Y 3 #NEARA14 now debating new business item A — calling for an end to toxic tests in US education. Yay! Very positive response from body. @CommonCoreCafe Proud of our CTA Pres. for supporting all students regardless of their immigration status. #CTATopTweet Dump Duncan: CTA President Dean Vogel fires up the NEA Representative Assembly calling for U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan's resignation. CTA-submitted New Business Item 23 overwhelmingly passes. Use this hashtag in your tweets and we'll select our favorites for each issue of the California Educator. Educators Employment Liability Insurance is yours Every CTA member receives coverage for legal defense costs in lawsuits arising out of educational employment activities. Introducing the CTA Board Read about CTA's Board of Directors for 2014-15, including three new directors: Jerry Eaton, Sergio Martinez and Sonia Martin-Solis. 1 2 Honoring professors and instructors CTA affiliates in higher education (California Faculty Association and Community College Association) add to the strength and prestige of our association. 3 Publications for perusal In addition to the California Educator and the CCA Advocate, you can find useful information from other professional publications on the CTA website. 4 August is Kids, Youth and Seniors Month What better way to wind down the summer than to team up with someone on the opposite edge of the age spectrum. augustawareness 5 J U L Y 2 347 likes 394 shares @RyanFiereck | J U L Y 3 We must remain this aggressive with solution-driven action. We have the answers. Let us share them. @MaryBarela1 | J U L Y 3 To reformers, if you care about students, use your resources to support teaching & learning instead of attacking public schools. 7 V O L U M E 1 9 I S S U E 1

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