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October 09

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all working together to make sure that our members — and students — are protected.” Growing up union Both Carrie and Christy say they initially resisted following in the family footsteps and join- ing the teaching profession. But destiny and heredity won out. “I fought the idea in college,” says Carrie. “I wanted to make more money. But then I started really reflecting on what I want- ed, and realized the only thing that would make me happy was being a teacher.” “I would always say no, I wouldn’t become a teacher, even though everybody else in my family was a teacher,” relates Christy. “But then somebody asked why, and I didn’t know why. Eventually I decided that it was what I always wanted to do. But we were never pressured and our family was very sup- portive of us.” (They have a brother, Phillip, who is a con- tractor.) As youngsters, the Vaughn children thought everyone’s parents had summers off, and were surprised to learn that was not the case. One of the first Vaughn family vacations was at- tending the NEA Representative Assembly in Miami — followed by a trip to Disney World. “I’ll never forget being a kid and seeing 10,000 teachers at the RA,” says Christy, who is still awed by the memory. “I had never seen so many teachers in my life. It was very powerful, even then.” Both girls say unionism was a frequent discussion topic at the dinner table, which imbued them with a sense of defending teacher and student rights and sticking up for the underdog. “My parents were always talking about how politicians make rules and set standards, even though they have no expe- rience in the classroom and don’t take child development into account,” says Christy. “The union allows our voices to be above: CTA President David A. Sanchez and retired teacher Glen Vaughn. heard and empowers teachers to fight for change.” “I remember my dad was al- ways going to meetings,” recalls Continued on page 28 The Road Calls, And So Do The Savings. When you’re ready to go, we make it easy with great cars and great deals. And, pick-up is free. Visit or call 1 866 876-2372 and reference customer # LB38261. Who doesn’t love a discount? This one applies to size vehicles reserved in advance for rentals up to twenty-six days at participating North American locations. Rates are as posted at time of reservation at or by calling 1 866 876-2372. Weekly rates may apply depending on length of rental or for longer rental needs. Rental must end by December 31, 2010. Ok, we’re halfway home… this offer may not be used with other coupons, offers or discounted rates. Vehicles are subject to availability. As you might imagine, standard rental qualifications apply. Offer does not apply to taxes, surcharges, recovery fees, and optional products and services including damage waiver at $30 or less per day. Check your auto insurance policy and/or credit card agreement for rental vehicle coverage. Other restrictions may apply. Pick-up and drop-off service is subject to geographic and other restrictions. Void where prohibited. Enjoy your discount. Come again soon. ©2009 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company. 910933.v5 06/09 MJ/AM EP051009 october 2009 | 27 5 And Weekly Rates. Standard Daily OFF % 10-ST-136 Enterprise Rental Car Nevada 7.375x4.75” PDFX1a (For October 2009)

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