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CTA & You Great news! CTA's Well-Baby Program just got better! By Vicki Rodgers E L I G I B I L I T Y F O R C T A ' S Well-Baby Program has been expanded, and the enrollment process just got easier. Effective Sept. 1, 2014, it is available to all active CTA members and their spouses/domestic partners and surrogates. Non-CTA members and agency fee payers/ fair share payers are not eligible for this program. To maximize your benefi ts under the program, we encourage you or your spouse/domestic partner to enroll within the fi rst trimester. You must enroll your surrogate. Effective Sept. 1, 2014, enrollment will be accepted through the 30th week of pregnancy. However, if you are a CTA member, or the spouse/domestic partner of or surrogate for a CTA member, who is past 30 weeks of pregnancy, a one-time late enrollment opportunity will be accepted as long as the CTA member is within the first 120 days of new employment. The CTA Well-Baby Program offers the following resources to help guide you through your pregnancy: Mayo Clinic Health Coaching for Pregnancy, a telephonic-based program where registered nurses provide education and support throughout your pregnancy and three months postpartum. Ask Mayo Clinic, a 24-hour resource staffed by registered nurses to answer questions related to your health or the health of your baby during pregnancy or up to three months postpartum. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy book (Spanish version avail- able upon request), and Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby's First Year book (new). A Growth Chart and Pregnancy Calculator to help get your pregnancy off to a healthy start. To enroll in the CTA Well-Baby Program, call Mayo Clinic Health Coaching for Pregnancy at 800-906-1064 and follow the prompts. During enrollment, you or your spouse/domestic partner will need your CTA Indi- vidual Member ID, which is located on your CTA membership card. All information you share with your Mayo Clinic nurse will be kept confi dential. To contact CTA Member Benefi ts, call 650-552-5200. This is a brief description of the CTA Well-Baby Program. All benefits and eligibility requirements are subject to the terms of the Summar y Plan Description. "Becoming pregnant with our first child was such an exciting time. We signed up for the Well-Baby Program, and our support material arrived within a few weeks. My nurse, Patty, was a joy to talk to, and she continued following our family's journey while my son was in the hospital, since he arrived early. Patty made sure I knew about all the available resources postpartum, and she was available to answer our questions. We appreciated the extra support and encourage CTA members to participate in this very helpful program." MARISA HANSON East Side Teachers Association, President BRADLEY HANSON East Side Teachers Association, PE teacher Hunter Luke Hanson, born at 27 weeks To read more about the Well-Baby Program and the many benefits available to you, go to CTAMemberBenefi GO ONLINE Member Benefi ts 59 V O L U M E 1 9 I S S U E 2 $1,000 CONTEST Share your story and enter for a chance to win $1,000!

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