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October 2014

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Advocacy Torlakson is an experienced classroom teacher He's a lifelong educator — classroom science teacher and coach. He helped lead efforts to stop the education cuts and restore school funding, including a $10 billion increase this year. He believes school funding decisions should be made by local parents, teachers and principals. Torlakson advocates for all students He sponsored CTA's Quality Education Investment Act providing $3 billion to help turn around more than 350 struggling schools. Under his leadership, California has the highest high school graduation rate of all time He knows that students need skills they can apply in college and in the real world of work. Torlakson supports learning over testing He wants students to develop critical thinking skills, rather than just learning how to pass a standardized test. He opposes a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to education and rejected Race to the Top in California. He's led the way in expanding career and technical training for high school students and strengthening math and science education. Torlakson supports educators' rights He believes educators have a right to due process and a hearing before being dismissed. He said the Vergara ruling unfairly "lays the failings of our education system" at the feet of teachers who deserve "our admiration and support." He called for an appeal of the judge's ruling, having helped pass a new law that streamlines the dismissal process while protecting the rights of both students and teachers. Tuck is a troubled CEO He claims to be an educator, but has no professional teaching experience. He received landslide votes of no confidence from teachers at eight of 10 schools. The private charter company he ran was hit by federal tax liens because of mismanagement. Tuck supports the corporate education reform agenda His education agenda and funders seek to privatize public education. Wall Street billionaires are spending money to elect Tuck because he supports allowing out-of-state, for- profit companies to run California schools. Tuck is bankrolled by out-of-state special interests and billionaires who opposed the school funding initiative approved by voters. Tuck supports testing over learning Tuck's agenda calls for more high-stakes standardized testing. He wants to evaluate and pay teachers based on student test scores. He's promised to implement federal Race to the Top "reforms" in California. Tuck opposes educators' rights Tuck's agenda is a full-out assault on educators' rights. He wants to eliminate due process and the right to a hearing before being dismissed. He supports the Vergara decision and wants to increase the probationary period to up to 10 years, making it harder to attract and retain quality educators. Tuck's victory is the top priority of groups that scapegoat teachers, attack their rights, undermine their secure retirement, and want to eliminate their unions. The race for superintendent of public instruction is a critical one for California, offering a clear choice between a classroom teacher who values students, educators and public education, and a candidate who falsely claims to have teaching experience and is taking money from Wall Street billionaires who want to privatize our public schools. Your CTA colleagues are recommending re-electing Tom Torlakson. Here's how the candidates compare, according to CTA educators. A Side-by-Side Comparison Superintendent of Public Instruction MARSHALL TUCK TOM TORLAKSON 31 V O L U M E 1 9 I S S U E 3

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