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November 2014

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CTA & You C O M P I L E D B Y L E N F E L D M A N VICKI ONO, Redding Teachers Association "Getting information that is pertinent to the profession is great. For example, I just came from a session about the LCAP — and I learned a lot. I was here early for the women's issues and GLBT con- tact training. The contact training gave me more information about actions I can take as women's issue contact for my school district. I went to an informative session about bullying, too. There were so many good sessions at the same time that I would have liked to have gone to more." KYLE MOORE, Stockton Teachers Association "This is my first CTA conference. For me, it's really about networking. I know it's cliché. It's important to hear different voices. I've also taken workshops about organizing. They will help me become a more ef- fective committee chair. I think newer members who have questions about unions should come to things like this. It's a great way to get re-engaged and more passionate about our jobs and our union. The more you know…" MELISSA GONZALEZ, Marysville Unified Teachers Association "The best part of the conference has been networking with colleagues. I see them often, but I don't get to talk to them on professional and personal issues. I'm also excited about becoming more involved in the union." SHELLY GUPTON, Elk Grove Education Association "For me, the most important thing is getting the latest information about issues and concerns, including changes in federal laws and corporate attacks on schools. I appreciate the up-to-date information from folks who are out in the field. That's invaluable. I appreciate being to be able to talk to other members and share what's going on in other locals. That's huge. The conference also gives us from Elk Grove some time to work together and to talk about what is going on in our own union. There are more than 10 of us here. We're often too busy to do that back home." LINDSEY ORTEGEL, Lodi Education Association "The most important information gained thus far has been how the Local Control Funding Formula affects school site councils. That is important to me because I'm president of my school's site council. I'm also learning how to give our members a greater voice and more participation in our union. My next workshop is about effective community outreach." What I've learned from CTA... CTA holds leadership conferences throughout the year to provide members tools and resources for rep- resenting members as well as information on thought-provoking issues impacting children, families and schools. These members attended the Oct. 17-19 Region II conference. Region II Leadership Conference, Oct. 17-19, in Reno, Nevada Conferences 57 V O L U M E 1 9 I S S U E 4

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