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1 As successful hunters, farmers and fishermen who shared their foods and techniques, a sophisticated society of Native Americans helped the Pilgrims survive back in 1621. What was the tribe and where did they live? 2 The United Nations vote to proclaim an "International Year of Thanksgiv- ing" to spread peace and harmony was the first time the General As- sembly voted unanimously in favor of a spiritual idea. What year was so proclaimed? 3 When is Canadian Thanksgiving? 4 President Abraham Lincoln pro- claimed the last Thursday in Novem- ber as a national day of thanksgiving. In what year did Congress make Thanksgiving Day an official holiday? [ A ] 1868 [ B ] 1910 [ C ] 1941 [ D ] 1952 5 Over 200 years ago, wine- making made its debut where in California? [ A ] San Diego [ B ] Napa Valley [ C ] Sonoma Valley [ D ] Rockpile 6 In Pacific Grove there is a law on the books establishing a $500 fine for pestering what? [ A ] Butterflies [ B ] Turkeys [ C ] Squirrels [ D ] Sea otters 7 The first observance of American Education Week occurred Dec. 4-10, 1921, with the NEA and what organiza- tion as the co-sponsors? 8 The concept of American football games being played on Thanksgiv- ing Day dates back to shortly after the game was invented. In what year did the college football teams at Yale and Princeton begin an annual tradition of playing each other on Thanksgiving Day? [ A ] 1872 [ B ] 1876 [ C ] 1878 [ D ] 1880 Extra Credit There's so much to be thankful for. Let's see what you know about November! Quiz 9 The football-on-Thanksgiving tradition was established in Detroit with a matchup between the World Champion Chicago Bears edging out the Detroit Lions 19-16 in what year? [ A ] 1930 [ B ] 1933 [ C ] 1934 [ D ] 1936 10 College football games have been broadcast on radio since the 1921 West Virginia vs. Pittsburgh game. TV broadcasts started with the Waynes- burg vs. Fordham football game on September 30 in what year? [ A ] 1927 [ B ] 1931 [ C ] 1936 [ D ] 1939 11 What was the first television com- mercial broadcast? When was it aired? And how much did it cost? ANSWERS 1 – The Wampanoag people had lived in present-day Massachusetts and Rhode Island for thousands of years. 2 – The millennium year, 2000. 3 – The second Monday of October. The holiday officially commemorates the 1578 voyage of English explorer Martin Frobisher to what is today Canada. The crew gave thanks for surviving the trip. Frobisher's ar- rival, like Columbus', presaged mass-scale theft from and destruction of native communities. 4 – c. 1941. 5 – a. San Diego (some sources say San Juan Capistrano). The first California wineries were established at Spanish missions. 6 – a. Butter- flies. 7 – The American Legion. 8 – b. 1876. 9 – c. 1934. 10 – d. 1939. 11 – The first TV commercial was broadcast on July 1, 1941, on New York station WNBT. The 10-second spot showed the face of a Bulova watch as an announcer's voice said, "America runs on Bulova time." The cost to air the commercial was only $9. Good Luck! 60

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