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November 2014

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What's new at CTA Online Most popular post Viral video Favorite comments More top tweets Diana Harris | O C T 2 9 I had no idea they were putting post office counters in Staples. I love going to the post office and would never use Staples instead! Micah Melton | O C T 2 8 Blaming the due process tenure provides for inept administrators' inability to document truly bad teachers' performance and to build successful cases against them, is like blaming the due process the Constitution provides when criminals go free because of inept police work. Matthew Raymond | O C T 2 9 And why doesn't anybody talk about good and bad administrators? They're the ones that hire teachers. They're the ones that evaluate them. The conversation around education is so lopsided. All this focus on teachers is a way to avoid talking about the real problem: poverty. Susana Betancourt | O C T 2 8 The LA Times article discloses who's funding Tuck with millions of $, like Eli Broad and W. Bloomfield, but does not truly disclose the rationale for this wealth's involvement in educational politics. Do voters believe that they truly care about public education? Voters need to question: What are these billionaires' true political aspirations? @RSEA | O C T 2 8 TIME story gives sloppy credence to well- funded, well-orchestrated attacks from small cadre of wealthy interests. @BenSpielberg | N O V 3 Big thanks to CTA for starting a great dialogue about Teach for America. @CaliforniaLabor | N O V 4 "Whether we're teachers or bricklayers, working people need a seat at the table. That seat at the table comes from voting." —Art Pulaski @CATeachersAssoc TIME should #AskATeacher about due process before attacking us on their cover. #CTATopTweet Use this hashtag in your tweets and we'll select our favorites for each issue of the California Educator. Thousands of volunteer hours represented — in food At a recent school board meeting, Hemet educators donated one can of food for each hour of volunteer work performed beyond their normal school day. 1 2 November is American Indian History Month Among the resources on our webpage, we share this quote from Tatanka Iotanka (Sitting Bull): "Let us put our minds together and see what life we will make for our children." 3 CTA's Strategic Plan full steam ahead! Since its adoption at the January 2014 State Council meeting, CTA's Strategic Plan is in full swing with big organizational changes on the horizon. 4 Tom Torlakson wins, thanks to YOU! It was a tight race for superintendent of public instruction, as Tom Torlakson was up against billionaire- backed Marshall Tuck, but thanks to you, we've still got Tom in our corner! Recent pension changes: What you should know You may notice a little extra going from your paychecks into CalSTRS recently. That will come back to you at retirement, and stabilize the retirement system into the future. 5 O C T 2 6 314 likes 139 shares Flipped Learning Toolkit: Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams present a video introduction to flipped learning with an accompanying blog entry. (search for "flipped learning") 7 V O L U M E 1 9 I S S U E 4

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