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October 2011

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WITH GOV. JERRY BROWN'S signing of two new laws aimed at the prevention of bullying, California schools have taken a step closer to providing a safe environment for all students. The governor signed both AB 1156 by Anti-bullying bills signed into law CTA's Board of Directors has awarded scholarships to 35 dependent children of CTA members, three Student CTA members, and five CTA members under the CTA Scholarship Program. Erika Kreeger, dependent of Pacific Grove Assembly Member Mike Eng (D-Monterey Park) and AB 9 (Seth's Law) by Assembly Member Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco). AB 1156, sponsored by the California State PTA, requires training of school site ersonnel in the prevention of bullying nd gives victims of bullying priority for ransferring out of a school, if requested. AB 1156 encourages school districts Teachers Association member Kathleen Carol Kreeger, won the Ralph J. Flynn Memorial Scholarship for the highest-scoring applicant ($5,000). Recipients of the 2011 CTA Scholarship for ciation; Korbin 2011 CTA Scholarship recipients lying goes on every single day," Miller says. The California Endowment, which part- p Dependent Children ($5,000) are: Nicole Is- Wolford, dependent of Richard Wolford, Shasta a bell, dependent of Sandra Jean Isbell, San Ra- t mon Valley Education Ass Johnstone, dependent of Kelly Johnstone, Tu- wucation Association; Noah Connally, depen- to include policies and procedures on the and, dependent of Step anie McFarland, of Shawn Chen, Manhattan Beach Unified Teach- vention of bullying. to avoid victimization by staying home from school, which adversely affects their academic progress and a loss of revenue for the district," say CTA's legislative advocates. Students need to know that at school they will be safe from menacing elements beyond their control. AB 9, dedicated to Seth Walsh, the 13-year- ators of San Francisco; Maura Chen, dependent California Endowment's board of directors. opportunity to develop training in the pre- ers Association; Johannah Fernandes, depen- "Educators felt that students tend old Tehachapi student who took his life a year ago after being bullied at school, requires schools to address and act on bullying. The bill will tighten anti-bullying policies in Califor- nia schools by ensuring that all schools have clear and consistent policies and clearer guide- lines for teachers and administrators, and by establishing shorter timelines for investigating claims of bullying. Schools will be provided with a framework of options they may take, although the bill does not dictate to educators what they should do with bullies. "The intention is to help make safer dent of Albano and Maureen Fernandes, Hemet Teachers Association; Tierra Schroeder, de- pendent of Thomas Schroeder, Associated Teachers of Placer; Ian Stubbs, dependent of Richard Stubbs, Temecula Valley Educators As- sociation; Katherine Congleton, dependent of Anne Congleton, Monterey Bay Teachers As- sociation; Elizabeth Cooper, dependent of Christopher Cooper, Vacaville Teachers Associa- tion; and Andrew Brinker, dependent of To- bin Brinker, Rialto Education Association. Also, Margaret Maratsos, dependent of schools and to stop bullying when we see it," says C. Scott Miller, co-chair of CTA's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus. "We're looking at a whole new movement at what we are doing at school." Miller notes that bullying incidents go beyond the tragic incidents that have resulted in the deaths of several teen-agers. G. Putnam Cook III, Fallbrook Elementary Teachers Association; Melissa Keller, dependent of Cheryl Keller, San Ramon Valley Education Association; Ashley Wybenga, dependent of Katherine Wybenga, Hemet Teachers Association; Camille Borges, dependent of Esther Borges, Capistrano Unified Education Association; Steven Huff, dependent of Rodney Huff, Stockton Teachers Association; Natassija Jordan, dependent of Tarsha Jordan, Emery Teachers Association; Deidre Kennedy, dependent of Kathryn Kennedy, Teachers Association of Paradise; Radost Ivanova, dependent of Jasmina Ivanova, Coachella Valley Teachers Association; Michael Lance, dependent of Colleen Lance, United Teachers Los Angeles/NEA; Claire Ramaley, dependent of sive school safety plans; authorizes alterna- He must be accepted even as his behavior is tive attendance for students who have been thce victims of bullying; and provides the lare City Teachers Association; Tiana McFar- unaccept ble, a kid who bullies may be fran- prlevention of bullying in their comprehen- Teachers Association of Paradise; Molly Mc- Donell, dependent of Jerilyn Keyak, United Edu- tion; Trisha Morrissey, dependent of David Morrissey, Panama Buena Vista Teachers Associa- By Dina Martin "Bully Free: It Starts With Me!" A campaign by NEA to identify caring adults in our schools and communities who are willing to stand out as someone pledged to help bullied students. Association; Allan Isbell, dependent of Sandra Jean Isbell, San Ramon Valley Education Associa- rejected," says Tessie Guillermo, chair of The ners with CTA on several projects, praised the governor for signing the two bills. The Endowment will be dedicating time, attention and resources to working with school officials, parents, and young people to thought ful ly address bul lying and responses to bullying. "At The California Endowment, we believe that there are healthier and smarter ways for dealing with bullies that don't create long- erm problems. We need to recognize that hile bullying and intolerance are indeed dent of Janis Connally, Santa Barbara Teachers tically waving a red flag for help and support. Secondary Education Association; Megan Buck, t dependent of Susan Duquesnel, Garden Grove Ed- Lee Ramaley, Elk Grove Education Association; and Michael Diaz, dependent of Tony Diaz, Teachers Association of Long Beach. Also, Austin Hagwood, dependent of Susan Frediani, Plumas County Teachers Association; Melissa Immel, dependent of Nicole Dubois and Scott Immel, Dixon Teachers Association; Jillian Risigari-Gai, dependent of Marie Ib- sen, Alhambra Teachers Association; Hannah Maryanski, dependent of Peggy Maryanski, Ventura Unified Education Association; Amy "Those are the kids we see on TV, but bul- Anti-bullying materials and trainings tion; Alexander Newton, dependent of Susan Newton, Monterey County Office of Education Teachers Association; Steven Pham, dependent of Minh Pham, Twin Rivers United Educators; and Theodora Turner, dependent of Ronald Turn- er II, Association of Colton Educators. The recipients of the 2011 L. Gordon Bittle Memorial Scholarship for Student CTA ($3,000) are: Areli Dohner-Chavez, CSU Stanislaus; Hannah Sener, Cal Poly State Uni- versity, San Luis Obispo; and Courtney Woods- Ziani, San Diego State University. The recipients of the 2011 CTA Scholarship Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth: Breaking the Silence This training provides participants with strategies for reducing hostility toward GLBT students and teaches ways to cre- ate a safe, free learning environment for all students. for Members ($3,000) are: Maryel Ambat, Franklin McKinley Education Association; Di- ane Pendrick, Torrance Teachers Association; Richard Snyder, Associated Pomona Teach- ers; Jacqueline Valadez, El Centro Secondary Teachers Association; and Juyoung Yang, Glendale Teachers Association. Bullying 101 and 102 Offered through the CTA Human Rights Department, this training helps teachers to recognize bullying, examine its char- acteristics and find out what they can do as educators to prevent bullying. Con- tact your primary staff person to arrange for this training. CTA has developed a number of materials and trainings to help teachers intervene when bullying behavior occurs. Enjoy the rewards. Get something back for your everyday purchases. Use your California Teachers Association Visa® Card with WorldPoints® rewards from Bank of America, and you'll earn points you can redeem for cash, travel, merchandise, even unique adventures. Rewards for the things you buy anyway. Plus ongoing support for the California Teachers Association. Use Priority Code when calling. For information about the rates, fees, and other costs and benefits associated with the use of this Rewards card, or to apply, call the toll free number above, or write to P.O. Box 15020, Wilmington, DE 19850. 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