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March 2015

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What's new at CTA Online Most popular post Viral video Favorite comments More top tweets Steve Dixon | F E B 2 5 BRAVO!!!! [Responding to California College Adjunct Professors Walkout Day.] Roberta Jacobs | F E B 2 4 NCLB has destroyed the classroom and taken the craft away from professionals. It has created unnecessary paperwork, robotic thinkers, taken time away from basic skills and creativity, and created new tests that prove what? Michelle Manning Labuski | F E B 2 4 Since the tests started in 1999, I have never felt that the tests drove my instruction or curriculum. I never felt pressured by the tests. My classroom is still filled with fun and engaging activities that I create and design. Nothing has suffered in my classroom because of the tests. Debby Arroyo | F E B 2 5 NCLB left behind every child who did not come from an upper middle-class home. It completely destroyed everything good about teaching/learning. Suzi Tornberg | F E B 2 6 Increased demands and pressure to be successful are increasing stress on our students. They are being asked to do more and more in an educational world where politicians are benefiting from efforts. This is compounded by the fact that tools, assessments, curriculum and instruction do not match each other. @CohenD CA teachers draw on union support to improve teaching and community engagement. @chiang140 Are digital devices the new "marshmallow test" for future success? @BagtheJunk Moving recess to before lunch is a good way to get kids to eat more fruits and veggies at school. @DenseKelly "No profit left behind." Must-read exposé on how Pearson profits off our schools, by Stephanie Simon @CFTunion Adjunct Professors Stage 1-Day Walkout. #CTATopT weet Use this hashtag in your tweets and we'll select our favorites for each issue of the California Educator. Newsies: Check out CTA's John Swett Awards The prestigious John Swett Awards program, named for CTA's founder, honors the coverage of public education by newspaper, broadcast and online journalists. 1 2 Meet the NE A Directors from California Eighteen CTA members, including three alternates, serve on NEA's Board of Directors. These educators represent California for the nation's policymaking body. 3 Educators Employment Liability Insurance is yours Ever y CTA member receives coverage for legal defense costs in lawsuits arising out of his or her educational employment activities. 4 March is Women's Histor y Month This year we're celebrating the theme "Weaving the Story of Women's Lives"! See our resources page for more. CTA's goal: Leaders and staff representative of general population CTA has a long-standing commitment to increasing ethnic minority leaders and staff. Check out CTA's Ethnic Minority Early Identification and Development program. 5 F E B 1 6 347 likes 110 shares Share the magic of stor ytelling: This short, animated video by First Book and Disney/ABC promotes a program to distribute 1 million books to children in need. 7 V O L U M E 1 9 I S S U E 7

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