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Compiled by Mike Myslinski W E C O M B T H E M E D I A D A I LY for the best quotes and statistics about public education. If you discover a quote or stat you think we should highlight, send it along with your name to "Each student is an individual and has different gifts. Please be bold, be strong, and help our kids to find their special gift." —Paraeducator J A N E T E B E R H A R D T , United Educators of San Francisco, in her March 6 speech after NEA named her 2015 National Education Support Professional of the Year. (Read more about Eberhardt on page 48.) "These are incredibly important studies, and I think we'd make a big mistake if we didn't look at them carefully and re-examine some assumptions. The idea of teachers maxing out in five years was so contradictory to what we know about other professions." —S E G U N E U B A N K S , director of teacher quality for NEA, in a March 24 Education Week story about new studies showing that educators keep growing and their skills do not plateau after their early years on the job. "Real education should consist of drawing the good- ness and the best out of our own stu- dents. What beer books can there be than the book of humanity?" —United Farm Workers leader C É S A R C H Á V E Z , who died in 1993 and would have turned 88 on March 31. "People will quibble about precipitation levels and look at 1924 and 1977 as technically having less precipitation than now. That is nothing to have a party about, because there are millions more people than there were, relying on that water." —F E L I C I A M A R C U S , chair of the State Water Resources Board, in a March 23 radio interview about California entering its fourth year of severe drought. "The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it." —New York astrophysicist N E I L D E G R A S S E T Y S O N , in a recent "60 Minutes" profile. Quotes & Numbers Total pounds of certain agricultural pesticides known to cause cancer applied within a quarter mile of public schools in 15 California counties in 2010. (See story on page 36.) 228,019 P O U N D S The average bonus paid to Wall Street securities employees in 2014, according to the New York state comptroller. 172,860 D O L L A R S Amount former LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy was paid last year, while the typical educator in the district was paid about $75,000, the Los Angeles Daily News reported March 20. 440,000 D O L L A R S Estimated minimum gallons of water used annually to produce Coca-Cola products, as noted in the March issue of Harper's Magazine. 8 trillion G A L L O N S Amount of cash in a mother's wallet found by two Gavilan View Middle School students in Salinas and returned to the school office. The girls found the wallet Feb. 5 in a campus bathroom, and it was soon reunited with the grateful owner, the Californian newspaper reported. 10,700 D O L L A R S $ $ $ Know & Tell Quotes & Numbers 11 V O L U M E 1 9 I S S U E 8 The Numbers

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