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April 2015

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Now, I've been lucky to be editor of this magazine since March 2012. And during that time I was able to help usher in a magazine redesign to share more of your stories and good works. I couldn't have done it without my talented colleagues in the CTA Communications Department and you. You were there with rave feedback, and sometimes a good scolding, for content changes or the handling of some issues. I'm pleased you've appreciated the standing articles, like this month's Point/Counterpoint on all-day kindergarten (page 20) and the Tech Tips on cameras, apps and cellphones. When you read about the new USB-C connector, know you heard it here first because it is literally hot off the press, technically speaking (page 10). With your help, we've always done an excellent job exploring instructional issues and educational trends, but there's so much more that can impact our students. Like pesticide use near schools (page 36), which poses a great danger to students and educators forced to spend their days dangerously close to hazardous harvests. And we've covered personal interest items, too, like dressing for success and getting healthy. My favorite change? It's that the education professionals, CTA members like you, are accepting invita- tions to share their expertise by writing articles. Topics ranged from advice on working with parents to instructional strategies to this month's seafaring adventure (page 12). Change is good. I hear "kissy" sounds, turn and see a businessman getting down on his knees to talk to Dulcie. My Humane Society dropout has that effect on people. I'm getting used to friendly banter aimed at my dog, not me. Her mellow disposition has helped me meet friends. Quite different from my previous rambunctious and yippy pet. We're actually in service dog training now, and after reading the story on page 42 where four-legged friends transform reluctant readers to enthusiastic ones, I think I'll sign her up for the Reading Education Assistance Dogs program. I'm reminiscing because this is the last Editor's Note I'll be writing. Now, my love of magazines came from my friend Jane Hazard, a true expert on the printing process. I still love the ink smell of magazines right off the press. I love storytelling, and I missed helping members tell their own stories. So I'm heading "back into the field" and will work with local chapters on communications and grassroots organizing. So, thank you for your suggestions. You provided word and math problems for the Extra Credit page (54). The "Educators are Everywhere" contest (page 13) was a hit, so we're doing it again, and next month you'll see the results of the Educator Journalism Contest. A new editor will soon take on this magazine, and I look forward to my continued work with CTA members. Maybe I'll take Dulcie with me when I work in Region II. The Educator will continue telling the wonderful story of you. I hope each of you continues sharing your story with us, and with your friends, neighbors, students, par- ents and policymakers. Those stories are what cause the changes we want and need to ensure every child gets the quality public education they deserve. Cynthia Menzel E D I T O R I N C H I E F editor's Note Just ask Dulcie. 8

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