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August 2015

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"We have worked hard to move forward together in California in a gradual, sensible and collaborative way. I call this approach 'The California Way,' and it is paying huge dividends across the board. Blueprint 2.0 is the latest example of what The California Way can do." —State Superintendent of Public Instruction T O M T O R L A K S O N , introducing his visionary "Blueprint for Great Schools: Version 2.0" in July, which can be viewed at "It's time to stop robbing our kids of the joy of learning. Test preparation is not thinking. We need to allow all students time for exploration, discovery and awe. We need to let them expe- rience the wonder of learning. We need to empower them to find and fulfill their dreams!" —CTA President E R I C H E I N S , in his July 17 speech kicking off the annual CTA Presidents Conference in San Jose. "I'm concerned that this board doesn't realize it has woken a sleeping giant. When a regular teacher like me is willing to go outside of her comfort zone and address you directly, that should also speak volumes." —Desert Sands Unified School District educator J A N E I C K E L M A N N , speaking at a packed July 21 school board meeting about teachers' struggle for a fair contract, as quoted in the Desert Sun. "Countries that do the best job at educating their citizens — Finland, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Canada — do it with strong and equitable public school systems, not charter schools or private school vouchers. LAUSD needs a leader who believes in restoring and strengthening public education, which society counts on to develop citizens with the talent, skills and knowledge to sustain our democracy." —Author D I A N E R AV I T C H , in a July 23 Los Angeles Times column about the kind of superintendent LAUSD needs in order to thrive. "Not all those who wander are lost." —Author J . R . R . T O L K I E N , in The Lord of the Rings. Compiled by Mike Myslinski W E C O M B T H E M E D I A D A I LY for the best quotes and statistics about public education. If you discover a quote or stat you think we should highlight, send it along with your name to Quotes & Numbers World ranking of California's $2.3 trillion economy in 2014, putting the state ahead of Italy, India and Russia, according to July data from the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy in Palo Alto. 8 th California's ranking in the U.S. in economic well-being of its children, based on poverty, housing costs and other factors, according to the "2015 Kids Count" report issued in July by Oakland-based Annie E. Casey Foundation. 49 th Estimated annual state revenue for schools and other public uses that could be generated by closing Proposition 13 commercial property tax loopholes, according to the CTA-backed "Make It Fair" campaign coalition. Learn more: 9 billion Minimum hourly wage to be paid to University of California employees after a salary hike approved in July by UC regents is fully implemented over three years. UC becomes the first public university system in the U.S. to adopt a $15 wage. 15 $ $ 17 V O L U M E 2 0 I S S U E 1 Know & Tell The Numbers

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