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Video Social Buzz CLOSE DANGEROUS CORPORATE TAX LOOPHOLES: Robert Reich discusses the critical need for California to close the loopholes of Prop. 13 and bring in an additional $9 billion to invest in local schools and communities. "YOU SPENT HOW MUCH ON SCHOOL SUPPLIES?" Each year, teachers spend upwards of $500 of their own money on supplies such as tissues, hand sanitizers, wipes, pencils, erasers, paper, glue, scissors, markers, poster boards, photocopies and snacks. Here's what a few members say they buy out of pocket; for more, see CTA's Facebook page and search for "supplies": A N N S T U D E Student whiteboards and markers, spiral notebooks (I currently have 200 in the back of my car), bulletin board supplies, videos to supplement learning, copy paper, tissues, supplies for parent Christmas and Mother's Day gifts, costumes for performances, binders for kids who don't have one, backpacks for those same kids… the list is endless. A M Y B R O W N F I E L D Our budget is only $275 for the year! There is no way that we can buy all of those supplies, plus ink cartridges and other items. I just spent $250 for my own room and paid another $250 for my former student teacher to start his new classroom. Years ago my master teacher set me up in my classroom, so I wanted to pay it forward! C L AU D I A R E I S L A M O N I C A Batteries for classroom technology. So expensive! L I S A H I C K M A N iPad apps, magazine holders for workshop space (each kid has to have a place for their 10 books), stools so more kids fit at a table or computer area, air fresheners, book shelves to hold all my books, folders… It's thousands each year. C A R R I E W E B B PAT I N O I've taught 27 years and spent $34,000 on classroom supplies and necessities. Now my district is only supplying 18 reams of paper for the entire school year. With 24 students, that works out to only 2 copies per student per day, including homework. M A RY S U E C A R L I teach high school. My students tell me that I am the only one who has tissues in my room. Many teachers won't let them leave the room to go to the restroom to blow their nose. I will NOT allow a student to suffer or be embarrassed because their nose is running. TA M I E LU T Z Guess I'm lucky. My district pays for all that. Just need to put in a request. C A R R I E JA C O B S O N This year I had to buy my own desk chair. I'd transferred to a school with zero resources, and all they had for me was a stool. That is on top of the $400 I've spent on pens, markers, paper, etc. I also have an extreme limit on the amount of copies I can make. How do you have students annotate if you can't afford to pay for the paper and ink it takes to make enough copies for each student? septemberawareness HONOR LABOR IN SEPTEMBER Beginning with Labor Day, September is a month to focus on the importance of the labor movement. Check out our Labor History page for information and resources. GETTING IT DONE Ever wonder how CTA conducts business? Policy committees and advisory groups meet several times a year, working with the CTA Board and State Council. CHARTER SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT CTA is co-sponsoring a package of bills to increase charter school accountability and transparency. Watch the informational briefing video. MAKE IT FAIR! Check out new materials — and watch videos by former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich — on tax fairness and closing the loopholes of Prop. 13. POSITION PAGES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS See CTA's positions on a host of issues, including recent issues like ESEA reauthorization and Common Core, and ongoing issues like bargaining and retirement. CTA Online What's new at Top Post 10

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