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C T A B O A R D O F D I R E C T O R S members from directorial districts are currently elected by all State Council members. If State Council approves this proposed bylaw amendment, only those State Council members in the directorial district will elect board members who represent a geographical district. Provisos/Transition: 1. For State Council review, debate and possible modification; and final consider- ation by written ballot at the October 2015 State Council meeting. 2. Amendment to be effective upon adoption. Legend: Additions are underlined. Deletions are struck through. Unaffected and unchanged text is denoted by asterisks (* * *). The proposed bylaw amendment was moved forward for consideration and action by Council at the June 2015 State Council meeting. ARTICLE VI – BOARD OF DIRECTORS Section 1. Composition and Number. * * * Section 2. Qualifications. * * * Section 3. Nomination and Election. a. Directors from Directorial Districts. (1) Election. Directors from directorial districts shall be elected by at the State Council of Education at its Annual Meeting by directorial districts, or, when a vacancy occurs between Annual Meetings, at the next regular meeting. (Amended January 1998) (2) Establishment of Directorial Districts. * * * (3) Nominating Caucus. * * * (4) Deferral of Election. * * * b. Racial and Ethnic Minority Directors. * * * c. NEA Director Representation. * * * Section 4. Term of Office. * * * Section 5. Vacancies. * * * Section 6. Meetings of the Board. * * * Section 7. Waiver of Notice. * * * Section 8. Quorum and Prohibition of Use of Proxies. * * * Section 9. Powers and Duties. * * * Council to consider bylaw change 2015-2016 Proposed CTA Bylaw Amendment EXTRA CREDIT SOLUTIONS Mathematics Expressions 1. LONG DIVISION 2. SQUARE ROOT 3. RIGHT ANGLE 4. PRIME NUMBER 5. COMMON DENOMINATOR Challenge: ABSOLUTE VALUE Places in California 1. SAN DIEGO 2. ALCATRAZ ISLAND 3. SANTA MONICA 4. DEATH VALLEY 5. LOS ANGELES Challenge: LAKE TAHOE 59 V O LU M E 2 0 I S S U E 2 You could save on health coverage CalPERS members during open enrollment /CalPERS Learn more at You could save on health coverage CalPERS members during open enrollment ©2015 United HealthCare Services, Inc. Health Plan coverage provided by or through UnitedHealthcare of California. Insurance coverage provided by or through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or its affiliates. UHCCA745923-001 /CalPERS Learn more at

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