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Extra Credit I N T H E P U Z Z L E S B E L O W , you are given only the consonants (including Y) in two-word phrases or places. Your task is to find the missing vowels and word break to complete the phrases or places. Answers on page 59. Mathematics Expressions: Example: DCMLPNT = DECIMAL POINT Places in California: Example: BVRLYHLLS = BEVERLY HILLS Phrases and Places Without Vowels By Alan Stillson 1. LNGDVSN 2. SQRRT 3. RGHTNGL 4. PRMNMBR 5. CMMNDNMNTR Challenge: BSLTVL 1. SNDG 2. LCTRZSLND 3. SNTMNC 4. DTHVLLY 5. LSNGLS Challenge: LKTH Alan Stillson is a CTA member and the author of Middle School Word Puzzles and numerous other puzzle books. Find out more at 60

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