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Green Schools Gathering California has long recog- nized that schools are often the first place students encounter systematic efforts to conserve energy and water and reduce waste, and where they become environ- mentally literate and under- stand how human needs and activities fit into the greater ecosystems. The Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit, Oct. 29-30 at Pasadena Conven- tion Center, will explore new ways to create healthy, green learning environments. This year's theme is "Achiev- ing the Benefits of High Performance Schools," high- lighting economic, education- al and community benefits that districts have gained by making a commitment to sustainability. In addition to dozens of educational ses- sions, the annual Leadership Awards recognize outstand- ing projects at California campuses. Keynotes and ex- hibit hall are free; to register, go to or call 626-577-5700. Started in 1995, the California Teachers Study (CTS) is a longitudi- nal health study of 133,479 female current and former public school teachers and school administrators. Its top priority has been to find the causes of breast cancer, but it is also used to understand women's health issues more broadly, including risk factors of other cancers, asthma, cardiovascular disease, stroke and overall longevity. CTS researchers are currently collecting blood and saliva samples from 22,000 healthy CTS participants to use in the search for biomarkers of future cancer. Those who want to contribute samples can contact the Cancer Prevention Institute of California at California Teachers Study Update 8

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