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October 2015

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Perspectives INSIDE: 20 Point/Counterpoint: Should students evaluate teachers? 21 Member Spotlight: Chiroptera expert — that's bats, to you Humboldt State University biology professor Joe Szewczak conducts research on a silver-haired bat. I N M O V I E S they fly through windows, bite people on the neck, suck their blood and turn them into vampires. In real life, people fear their bite will cause foaming at the mouth and death by rabies. And if someone acts crazy, they have bats in their belfry. Has any other creature been so misunderstood? Perhaps not, but bats are beloved by Joe Szewczak, Humboldt State University biology professor, researcher of the winged creatures that can inspire fear whenever they flutter in the night. Turn to page 21. Photo courtesy Humboldt State University Crazy For Bats

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