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October 2015

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By Sherry Posnick-Goodwin Photography by Scott Buschman TELL A STRANGER YOU TEACH math, English, social studies or PE at a public school and you're likely to receive a nod and a few polite questions. But some classes will get a bit more of a reaction. In fact, the typical re- sponse to unusual class subjects might be "You teach what?" We searched high and low for some uncommon course offerings through- out California, the state where residents are proud to be different. We found, among others, a course relating to a high school fish hatchery, and scuba diving classes. Here are a few more. Some class subjects go beyond the norm WHAT? YOU TEACH OFF THE BEATEN PATH We want to know: Do you or someone you know teach a unique or unusual class? Tell us about it at #unusualclasses 22 F E A T U R E

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