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Extra Credit In each sentence below, a Halloween-related word is fiendishly concealed. For example, in "The bog really stinks," the word "ogre" is hiding (bog really). Ignore spaces and punctuation marks. How many can you find? Answers at bottom of page. Hidden Haunters Extra Credit answers: 1. Werewolf (were wolfing) 2. Ghost (eating Hostess) 3. Monster (lemons terrified) 4. Frankenstein (sous-chef ran Ken Steinberg's) 5. Witch (know it chases) 6. Skeleton (Fiske let one) 7. Vampire (revamp I refurbish) 8. Goblin (mango blintze) 9. Pumpkin (stuck-up ump kind) 10. Mummy (maximum mystery) 11. Spider (gasp I'd erased) 12. Phantom (elephant OMG) 13. Troll (control laughter) 1 The trick-or-treaters were wolfing down their favorite candy. 7 I reconstruct, I revamp, I refurbish. 8 Have a delicious mango blintze! 9 That stuck-up ump kind of ruined the ball game for me. 10 The suspense is killing me — this is the maximum mystery I can stand! 11 I had to gasp — I'd erased my computer's entire memory. 12 There in my backyard was an elephant, OMG! 13 Sometimes it's hard to control laughter. 2 They loved eating Hostess Twinkies. 3 However, citrus fruits like lemons terrified them. 4 The sous-chef ran Ken Steinberg's kitchen while he was away. 5 We avoid the neighbors' dog because we know it chases people. 6 Cordelia Fiske let one of the visitors have an apple. 60

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