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How to Handle the Holiday Buffet • DON'T load up on a little of everything; DO tour the table first, and choose wisely. Fix yourself a plate heavy on fresh vegetables and light on the fatten- ing stuff. Enjoy a modest serving of dessert. • DON'T skip meals; DO plan indulgences. Eat a handful of almonds beforehand to curb your hunger. Then focus on what you like best, enjoy it in moderation, and leave the rest. • DON'T use multiple plates for multiple trips; DO follow the one-plate rule. It can be a full-size dinner plate, but fill it up once and only with food you really want. Then step away so you don't keep grazing. • DON'T blow all your calories on drinks; DO plan your drinks like you plan your food. Soda and alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories, as are eggnog and hot chocolate, and should be planned indulgences. For healthy holiday recipes, see P L A N N O W F O R S U M M E R It's not too early to figure out what you'll be doing over summer break. Whether it's lazing on a beach or supplementing your instructional expertise, ideas to consider include teacher tours that combine sightseeing, history, culture and school visits with fellow educators; leading educational tours (bonus: you travel free and oen earn CEUs); home exchanges with other teachers; teachers hosting teachers; and teacher travel grants for those seeking specialized experiences. Plus, educators can get discounts on rental cars, hotels, restaurants, museums and other sights. Start at and learn more at M O I S T U R I Z E . Apply emollient lotions and creams while skin is still damp — and don't forget your hands. G E T V A C C I N AT E D . Get a flu shot every year. Ask your doctor if you qualify for the pneumonia shot as well. M E D I TAT E . Practice relaxation — even closing your eyes for five minutes and breathing deeply helps. 4 5 6 8 Ways to Prep Your Home for Bad Weather Record El Niño looms this winter Make sure you're ready — California Casualty ( provides this checklist: • Have your heating system inspected and cleaned. • Inspect ceilings, windows and outer walls for cracks. • Change air filters. • Check your pipes and plumbing. • Inspect your roof for wear or damage and clean the gutters. • Install weather stripping and caulk around windows and doors. • Seal up foundation and driveway cracks. • Check your fireplace and chimney for cracks or leaks. In addition, clean and store your outdoor furniture and flower pots, turn off sprinkler systems, trim trees and shrubs, fertilize lawns, and mulch gardens. For details, see To prep your car for win- ter, see 15 November 2015

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