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February 2016

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WHAT'S NEW AT CTA.ORG keepkidshealthy KEEPING KIDS HEALTHY Vaping is the latest thing getting the attention of youth. Check out info on e-cigarettes and other issues affecting our kids. IT'S IN THE NEWS ROOM! Did you know you can find CTA's press releases, blog posts and other media coverage all in one place? Yes — the News Room! membercenter ENGAGING, COLLABORATING AND SHARING CTA's website has a resource-rich section where educators can get tips and tools to help navigate their day. Check out the Member Engagement Center! BLACK HISTORY MONTH AND… Find information and resources for Black History Month in February, and check out the other Awareness Holidays we celebrate year-round. Union Strong: CTA members (such as Dustie Barger, above) speak about why the union is important to them, from its role in "making sure students receive the best education by educat- ing and empowering educators" to promoting "unity... with common goals and interests." (search for "union CTA members speak") KEN JOHNSON Teachers know who needs the extra help and enrichment without looking at the data because we know the kids. Any data, whether it is atten- dance or graduation rates or test scores, will target schools in poor neighborhoods. We need to stop punishing schools because they have poor kids. MICHAEL DELMAN How do I think school per- formance should be judged? By the achievement of stu- dents who apply themselves throughout the year. Effort is the biggest factor in a learn- er's education. SARAH KANG I think that's a good thing. Move away from scores to authentic feedback just like we're asked to do for our kids. DAVID CAULKINS It's a good idea if it sticks. Let the schools determine what's working and what's not. KATIE BURNETTE Whatever it is, it will mean even more work for teachers (yes, I am a teacher) who are already drowning in paperwork, ridic- ulous mandates, and useless spreadsheets we have to enter data into! CARRIE WEBB PATINO The only thing testing is good for is giving colleges and parents a comparison of how their student is doing com- pared to other children. It's important to have that other piece of information from an independent party. REBECCA McALARY Let teachers teach, and let children learn. Let's put the joy back into the education model and back into the schoolhouse, folks! PAUL DELGADO How about "support" us and quit trying to "judge" us! HOLLY ROBINSON AUGUSTINE At some point, the changes they keep making on tests, grading and content the kids are supposed to learn will be so far removed from basic skills that everything will be halted and started from scratch. Nothing can be accomplished without basics. All the rest comes from that. EILEEN BROWN Let's focus on how the most vulnerable children are cared for and supported. What resources are in place? How well are different groups inte- grated? How much prep time do teachers get? JENNIFER KAY LACKEY SANFACON Yes, API is too simplistic. KAREN RABONE Data, data, data. I'm so sick of data. Let me teach. JOIN THE CONVERSATION: @cateachersassoc californiateachersassociation For the latest news and stories, see Video How should school performance be judged? The State Board of Education may replace the three-digit Academic Performance Index with a "dashboard" of measurements highlighting school performance. Educators feel strongly about this, as Facebook responses show: 10

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