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February 2016

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Peculiar Relatives I C O M E F R O M a family of word lovers, but some of them are a bit… odd. Each of them loves only words that follow a particular rule. Take my Aunt Fanny, for instance. She loves the words aardvark, bookkeeper, hitchhike, jazz, pepper, and vacuum. Why? Because Aunt Fanny loves only words that contain a double letter. You'll meet some more of my dotty relatives below. Each follows a different rule to determine which words she loves. Can you figure them out? Answers on page 55. 1. My Aunt Elke loves the words… apex boardwalk dogma pigment bathtub catastrophe harem ratio beardless coward molecule shrewd Which one of the following words does she love? a. cameo b. genome c. oxygen d. quill 2. My Aunt Meg loves the words… abut drawer pacer sleep decaf gnat reknit straw desserts gum reviled sung Which one of the following words does she love? a. beach b. fancier c. tingled d. wonk 56

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