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Word Deli A T T H E W O R D D E L I , a sandwich is created when one word (the "bread") is wrapped around another word (the "filling"). For example, if pose is the bread and tag is the filling, the resulting sandwich would be postage. In each menu below, you are given clues for four bread and four filling selections (listed in no particular order). You must match them up to produce the sandwiches, which are in alphabetical order of the answers; the number in parenthe- ses is the number of letters in the answer. For example, the answer to the first clue, cheapest, is found by wrapping chest around ape. Answers on page 3. Monday's Menu Sandwich Bread Filling 1. Least expensive (8) = cheapest 2. Perfumed liquid (7) 3. Summer pests (10) 4. Grotesque imitation (8) Edible ice cream holder Biblical lawgiver What a waiter carries food on What a pirate keeps treasure in = chest Capital of Ecuador Sleeveless garment worn over a shirt Chimp or gorilla = ape Piece of firewood Tuesday's Menu Sandwich Bread Filling 1. Constant (10) 2. Most slender (9) 3. Those getting medical treatment (8) 4. One of the basics (8) Trousers Game with knights and bishops The smallest of the litter Bird's home Ten-cent coin Make a knot Cupid's pointy missile Heavenly being Wednesday's Menu Sandwich Bread Filling 1. Seashore party (8) 2. With a submissive, flattering manner (9) 3. Independent, professionally (9) 4. Viewpoint (7) Edible bulb that might make you cry Birthday dessert Take wing Neighbor of Spain Canvas rooflike structure in front of a door or window Long, snaky fish 3.14159 Young sheep With acknowledgments to the late Rosalie Moscovitch. By CRAIG HAMILTON 52

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