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Spotted on Instagram Social Media Glossary: Lessons of Pokémon GO Most children are familiar with emojis, which range from little smiley faces to heart icons and more. Use them to help students: At #NEARA16, NEA's annual Representative Assembly, held this year in Washington, D.C., Andrea Reyna (San Jose Teach- ers Association) and Michael Flores-Castaneda (Arvin Teach- ers Association president and Sierra Service Center chair) — and maybe the photobomber — represent CTA. "Shelfie": posting photos of your book shelf — a great way to engage students around reading. Encourage them to use the hashtag #shelfie. Identify their feelings and learn new vocabulary — for example, find emoji expressions that match words like "euphoric" or "frus- trated." This can work well with all students, and particularly for English Learners. Learn about and summarize historic or current events. An educator recently posted on Reddit how two students she thought were playing with emojis instead of focusing on an American Revolution lesson were actually "explaining" events by using emojis for a punch and a gun to represent "skirmish," then placing a face with dollar signs for eyes at the end of a sentence about British taxes. The educator incor- porated emojis into her lessons (with class discussion and other activities) with success. Track their behavior in class, if you assign various emojis (thumbs up, neutral, thumbs down, and much more) throughout the day. Create their own emojis based on books they've read, their summer, lessons or field trips. The popular augmented reality game has a place in class, too. EdTech magazine notes ways Pokémon GO offers meaningful learn- ing opportunities: • Promotes data literacy skills with its data-tracking component that can be used to analyze, graph, etc. • Lets students explore the natural world by studying wildlife and ecosystems while searching for Pokémon. • Inspires digital storytelling: Students can create visual and writ- ten stories around Pokémon they capture. wearecta @WeAreCTA @WeAreCTA #OurVoiceOurUnion #WeAreCTA For our full social media directory, see californiateachers connect with us! 10 11 12 13 #Did you know? 16 in the know digital buzz

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